Sunday, 29 April 2012


'There are over 100,000 dogs living in the streets of Puerto Rico. Why? This documentary is an in-depth investigation about the current situation of animal abandonment in the Island territory'
 I watched this 50 minute movie last night about the stray dog problem in Puerto Rico. I was so upset by the state of these poor animals, the lack of government policies dealing with the issue and also I was upset by the fact that I was completely un-informed that anything was happening.
I despise all types of animal cruelty, and although we have cruelty in Australia, we are so lucky we have so many animal refuges where people take it and care for disenfranchised animals, like
password: cienmil

The Pledge
To decrease the overpopulation problem and promote the proper care of dogs,
I pledge to:
- Educate myself about dogs and think hard about it before having one.
- Adopt, instead of buying.
- Spay/neuter my dog.
- Integrate my dog to my family for his/her entire life.
- Vaccinate my dog and take him/her to the vet when he/she is sick.
- Bathe my dog.
- Walk my dog on a leash every day.
- Play with my dog.
- Educate others about the proper care of dogs.
- Report dog abuse.
- Help stray dogs.
- Be the hero that my dog thinks I am.

Spread the word so everyone in the world makes this commitment. Make a
difference and be a hero!

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