Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dabbling in Candle-Making, Succulents & Flowers

This assortment of photos were taken on my phone, so i apologise for the poor quality. Lately, i've been having a lot of fun playing around with candles and succulents. I'm actually kind of crazy obsessed with succulents at the moment (as ive been told by family and friends!).
1. These are the soy tea-cup candles that I made! you just buy soy wax from somewhere like Spolight, melt it above bubbling water on a stove (in a metal bowl not touching the water) and then add scent/colour/flowers anything you please! set up your wick in the teacup, pour the wax in & then wait! they were so fun to make and they smell amazing. I havn't burnt mine yet because i think it just looks so pretty as it is.
2. Some of my little succulents!
3. succulents can make a great centerpiece for a dining table. I just picked these ones off near my local beach (looking a bit shifty with a pair of scissors and a tote bag) and popped them in this vase! voila!
4. My pride and joy planter! my mum picked this old wooden crate up for me at our local tip-shop. To make it into a planter i bought some coconut filler (which you can get from your nursery) and filled the box with it. The succulent in the middle i bought, however the rest have been picked.
Some flowers/leaves i picked. I've just used Fowler's Jars to put these flowers in, you should be able to pick them up super cheap at an op-shop or a tip-shop, i just adore them.
6. Growing succulents on my mantlepiece
7. This is my 4 Willow tea-cup set, i scored these 4 at an op-shop for $10 for the set! and they are in perfect condition, not even chipped. I have used wood glue to stick the cup to the saucer and what i plan to do with them is plant them with little succulents. They make really cute gifts. I am planning to sell these at a market near my parents house in Cygnet Tasmania.

hayley x

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