Thursday, 3 May 2012


You can probably deduce from this post that i absolutely adore my animals (and all animals for that matter!). I'm very excited to be going to my parent's house this weekend so i can visit my dogs, Beau and Ollie. Beau turned 18 years old on ANZAC day and he is still as vibrant as ever, although a little bit deaf and blind. And Ollie is now about 15 years old too, he shadows my mum everywhere and is the perfect lapdog. My mum also have 2 white donkeys, named Maggie and Arthur (they are a mother & son). I love taking photos of animals, even though not very 'artsy' as i was told in College photography, it is still one of my favourite things to do.


  1. Awww so adorable! Love the wheelbarrow picture, I used to put my kittens in a wheelbarrow and take them around the garden pretending it was a pram. It's hard living without an animal in the house!
    Also I think taking photos of animals can be very artsy (don't let the man bring you down haha)

  2. naw, thanks laura! i know, i miss all my animals from home so much. we have a neighbours cat (Moe) who comes to visit our rental house all the time, he's so friendly and it's nice having an animal presence around. x