Sunday, 6 May 2012


Well, as overexcited as I had become about the Market on Sunday, my little planters were not a huge hit. I only sold 2, but am trying not to be deterred. I'm attempting to lay blame on the lack of target market of people which came through the market, there were lots of older people who wouldn't really be interested in what I'm selling. Nevertheless, I'm trying not to be too down in the dumps, it was just a bit disappointing after I put so much work and love in to them. I was thinking about selling them on facebook (perhaps trying to) with pick-up only (as they couldn't be posted), or just keeping them for presents in the future. Although the market was cold, I enjoyed reading my book and I have finally finished Fahrenheit 451, horrah!  I don't usually have the time during Uni time to finish actual novels. The last photo here is of my dog, Beau, who I got to see while I was down at my parents house. He looked so cute snuggled up his basket.
I'd be open to any suggestions on how to sell my succulent planters or even if you think they are any good?

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