Thursday, 3 May 2012

A morning of planting

As promised, my wonderful morning of planting in pictures. I apologise for getting a wee bit carried away with so many photos, I just got very excited.

I've been growing all these succulents in water & in pots for a few months now, and you basically just re-plant them in anything you like, they take root so easily.
The orange teacup and saucer is FireKing and it's for my mum for mothers day. She has collected FireKing kitchenware so a long time and had about 10 FireKing mugs. When i saw this tea cup (in perfect condition) in a little second-hand store yesterday in New Town, I couldn't resist. I'm quite partial myself to the FireKing orange-ware, I'm not usually a huge fan of anything 'glossy' but I do love these cups.

Hopefully these sell over the weekend at the Sunday Cygnet Market that I'm going to, I will take some more photos of my little set-up there :)


  1. What a fantastic idea! Wish I had more room for plants (then again, I'm terrible at keeping them alive) x

  2. Succulents are great indoor plants! they will thrive on a windowsill. and probably the easiest plant not to kill, you only have to water perhaps once a week in summer and very rarely in winter. x