Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gym Motivation

Today, after renewing my membership, i spent my first morning back at the gym. Going back is so, so hard. I absolutely sweated like it was 50 degrees inside the gym and felt like dying at the time! But now that I'm home I feel so much better for it. Sometimes when I go to the gym I feel disgusting because I am one of those people who goes super flushed and literally drips sweat, but I saw this photo today (actually posted by my unigym on facebook) and it made perfect sense. People who bother doing their hair beautifully, putting on make-up and all the like just to work out - that's not what the gym is about, it's about sweating it out, grunting and really feeling that burn! I really hope I can keep up the motivation to keep going about 3 times per week, and perhaps a walk once a week as well. I love doing spin class and body balance (which is yoga/pilates/meditation) - great for a stressful sunday to wind down. What are peoples opinions on the gym? I know they are not for everyone, but I think as much as you convince yourself you are working out well at home, it's never the same workout as in the gym or in a gym-run class - that's just my opinion anyway!

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